• Dana 44 Parts Dana 60 Parts Ford 9" Parts ... GM Dana 60 Front Axle Simple Swap ... perch 3 1/4" axle and 2.5" wide; 2 - shock brackets 1.5" ID; 2 - U-bolts 10"x5/8"x ...
  • 60" 60's GMC and some Chevy's Dana 44 or Dana 60 with leaf springs 6 lug, Gear ratio's 3.21 to 3.92. GMC V-6 used a 3.21 Dana 44 used a standard Chevy 1310 yoke, Dana 60 used the heavy duty yoke which takes the larger 1350 yoke.
  • axle was removed from Bronco as owner wanted a Dana 44 installed in the frame off build. Axle appears to be in good condition. eight one seven five seven eight ten forty five ask for John $495.00 O.B.O.
  • Dec 29, 2020 · 1976 Ford F250 Highboy - $1850 (Detroit Lakes) 1976 Ford F250 highboy. Not currently running (needs fuel tank repair). 360, 4 speed manual, divorced transfer case, dana 44 HD front axle, dana 60 rear. Has 4.09 gears. Motor turns freely by hand. Body has rusty spots, but still solid. Needs floor pans, etc. Heater is disassembled, ...
  • His is a how to for a Dana 44 open diff for a Trac-Lok. Once removed put a come-along or HEAVY DUTY ratcheting tie down around the axle and to something solid.
  • Dana 44™ Front Crate Axles® Dana axles set the standard for other aftermarket axle manufacturers who call their axles “Dana 44s” – just like most of us call cotton swabs “Q-tips.” But make no mistake: if you’re not buying genuine Dana, you’re not getting the same quality and performance in your parts.
  • The Driver Side Dana 44 Solid Front Axle: Identification: Dana axles are very easy to The Early Bronco Dana 44: 1971-1977 Ford Bronco Dana 44 Axle. Differential Identification West Coast Differentials. Differential Identification by tag number or cover can be used to Differential tags can...
  • The Dana/Spicer Model 50 was an automotive axle manufactured by the Dana Holding Corporation for 25 years and was used solely in OEM Ford applications. Dana 50's were made as front axles only. The Dana 50 has a "50" cast in to the housing and is regarded to have more strength than a Dana 44, but not as much as a Dana 60. It was only produced in ...

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1499.95 USD. RCV Performance Ultimate CV Axles simply replace your Ford F-150 or Bronco's weak Dana 44 U-joint axle shafts with a high-strength constant velocity design. Tests prove Ultimate CV Axles to be twice as strong as OEM axle shafts, and they're just as tough at a straight angle as...
Fixing a Dana 44 front axle Lunchbox Locker Install How to Choose Your Axle Gear Ratio What Happens When You Install a Locker Improperly 1994 Ford Bronco - IFS Dana 44 & TTB front-end removal Willys CJ2A Dana 25 Front End Rebuild What "NOT" To Do What are lockers?

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The Dana 60 is the most desirable and most expensive axle for Mopars. The Dana 60 came in two lengths. The 54.9" axle came in '66-'70 B-bodies, the 56.5" axle came in '70-'71 E-bodies and '71 B-bodies. These two axles are not interchangeable without modification, so try to stick with the correct length for your car if you install a Dana 60.
I have seen 3 different hub locking mechanism's on 78-79 DANA 44 front axles. Two have a flat looking ring that hub allen bolts screw into. The internals of both of this type have all steel parts.

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Torsen Type-2 differential for Ford/Dana 35 SLA front axle. Fits North American market vehicles only! 1998 – 2011 Ranger 4WD models, as well as 1995 – 2001 Explorer front axle. Does NOT fit 2019 US-market Ranger, Ranger T6 or other Eurasian market vehicles. TBR: 2.4/2.1 Drive/Coast. Part Number 975420-0207B
I'm running 30 spline alloy Superior Axle Evolution Series axle shafts in my front Rubicon Dana 44 (same as a Dana 30 outside of the pumpkin and inner axle shaft) together with CTM u-joints and I still won't run anything bigger than my 35" MT/Rs. I want my front axle to hold up.