• I own a AF10F 60" loader attached plow blade with manual angle, that came with the tractor. I found out today that it has no attachment points for the hydraulic angle, so it will always be manual. Then I found a Worksaver SBJD-2172 72" loader attached plow blade today on Craigslist for $1750.00 with hydraulics. Both plow blades are one year old.
  • 2019 Frontier Front Blades AF11 (E) For small snow removal chores, Front Blades are a dependable solution. Curved blade edges roll snow rather than pushing it for smoother, easier moving. Features may include: 60 to 120 in. (1.5 to 3.0 m) working widths Standard skid shoes Quick-attach capabilities
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  • frontier af10f for sale, They have the Frontier AP12F's "on sale" for $949. Weight is 380 lbs. Looking at Artillian's site, the higher capacity forks (3000 lbs) 3" x 42 along with the backrest will set you back $1191.
  • Frontier Attachments Listings for Attachments include Plug Aereators, Slingers, and Bin Extensions.
  • Frontier AF10F Front Blade Home » Lawn garden solutions » Frontier » Products » Frontier AF10F Front Blade Curved blade edges roll material rather than pushing it for smoother, easier moving.
  • The trip edge protects the blade, loader, and tractor if the edge of the blade contacts an obstacle. Rubber deflector kit available for AF10F Front Blade Rubber deflector kit sits on top of the blade
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Easily adjust the front blade angle with Ooptional hydraulic angle kit Optional hydraulic angle kit The hydraulic angle kit is an optional field-installed attachment for the AF10F Front Blade that allows angling the front blade up to 30 degrees or any position between, right or left of center.
Quick Attach 72" Snow Plow for John Deer Quick Attach Loaders. Works with John Deer (JDQA) System. Fits: The following models. H120, D120, 210, 200X, 200CX, 300X, 300CX, 305, 400X, 400CX, 410, 419, 420, 430, 440, and 460 John Deer Loaders used on Tractors with less than 43 Engine Horse Power.

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Frontier Attachments Listings for Attachments include Plug Aereators, Slingers, and Bin Extensions.
With a 152.4-cm (60-in.) working width, the Frontier™ AF10F Front Blade clears snow and other materials with ease. Five adjustment positions with a total 30-degree rotation allow operators to move a load in any desired direction. Skid shoes and trip-edge protection work together to protect the blade and increase the life of the cutting edge.

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Rubber Snow Plow Blades. For a fast, quiet, and effective snow removal, our plow rubber cutting edges are your solution. By using rubber instead of steel you avoid the costly maintenance from bumpy roads on your equipment, damage to roadways, manholes, and curbs as well.
AF10F Front Blade. AF11D Series Front Blades. AF11E Series Front Blades. AF11G Series Front Blades. AF12D Series Front Blades. AF12G Series Front Blades.