• I started with 3.06g of FeSO4.xH20 then dissolved this in 50cm3 of 1moldm-3 H2SO4. I then made this up to 250cm3 with distilled water. You need to determine the volume of KMnO4 needed to react with the solution (the equivalence point is reached when the purple colour won't disappear anymore, as...
  • 56.6 degree Celsius water and salt into a four-time, 65 degrees into a water and salt. Also used in photolithography, ferrite materials, iron supplements and fruit and vegetable hair color agent. Manufacturing of magnetic iron oxide, iron oxide red and iron blue inorganic pigments, iron catalysts and raw materials poly ferric sulfate.
  • Dear Student, Please find below the solution to your problem. 2KMNO4+10FeSO4+8H2SO4= K2SO4+2MNSO4+5Fe2(SO4)3+8H2O FeSO4+ KMnO4+H2SO4-> Fe2(SO4)3+ MnSO4+ H2O First of all, let's concentrate on what is really important - on the net ionic reaction: Fe2++ MnO4-+ H+-> Fe3++ Mn2++ H2O All other ions (K+and SO42-) are only spectators and we don't need them to balance the equation.
  • Lab Exercise: Percent Water in a Hydrate Introduction: A hydrate is a crystalline solid that traps water as part of its crystal structure. Each type of hydrate traps water in its own unique way, but heating a hydrate will release the water and leave the dehydrated material behind. The solid remains unchanged except for the loss of the water.
  • colour of KMnO4 solution, readings are taken from the top of the meniscus. With the conical flask standing on a white tile, add the solution from the burette to . the flask. Swirl the flask continuously and occasionally wash down the walls . of the flask with deionised water using a wash bottle.
  • The blue colour intensifies as more black powder is used. In stages 2 and 3, younger students should be able to use their previous experience of blue solutions/crystals to recognise the familiar colour of copper sulfate. This can then be used as the starting point for teaching about acid + metal oxide → salt + water reactions.
  • Since the colour of the KMnO4 solution is quite intense, you may be required to give a good estimate of the burette volume. 3. On an analytical balance, 8 g FeSO4 weighed accurately using weighing paper. The mass of FeSO4 recorded. 4. With the aid of a filter funnel, the FeSO4 transferred carefully to a 250 mL volumetric flask.
  • Formula : FeSO4; Soluble in : Water; Color : Green; We are one of the celebrated manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Ferrous Sulphate in Vapi, Gujarat, India. This high-quality ferrous sulphate can be availed from us at affordable prices. They have an accurate composition and are well known for its purity. With the precise p more...

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I need FeSO4 solution for my macromolecular interaction studies. when i dissolved in the phosphate or Tris buffer it get precipitate. Even in water, i cannot prepare 1x10-5 m/ 5 mL concentration ...
Yashwanth, added an answer, on 17/9/16. Yashwanth answered this. dirty green. Was this answer helpful? 0. View Full Answer. S O N A L I, added an answer, on 17/9/16. S O N A L I answered this. the colour of FeSO4 is blue-green in colour.

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PbCl 2 is not very soluble in water and, therefore, we can call it slightly soluble.. The electrostatic attraction between the lead(II) and chlorine... See full answer below.
Water-soluble definition, capable of dissolving in water. See more.

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Jul 13, 2010 · What colour would an FeSO4 solution be? Thank you. When methane is completely combusted in oxygen forming carbon dioxide and water how does the mass of the reactant gases compare to product?