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2017-1-24 · Webster Combustion Is Committed To Better Fuel Economy, Energy Savings And Reliability For Boiler Burners. Webster is a leading manufacturer of custom and semi-custom multi-fuel boiler burners for the commercial, institutional and industrial markets. Our burners combine advanced controls with proven combustion performance to provide heat > Get A Quote >

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CRA designs and manufactures Multi-Fuel Gas Burners for Boiler and Process heater applications that use fuels such as Natural Gas, Propane, Biogas, LPG, Low BTU gases (blast furnace/coke oven gas) in combination with (LFO) light fuel oils (optional). > Get A Quote >

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A multi fuel stove, like its name suggests, is designed to allow you to burn more solid fuels than just wood. Not all fuels burn in the same way, which is why traditional log burners cannot be fuelled with coal. Multi fuel stoves, meanwhile, are set up to be versatile enough to handle most types of solid fuel. Related: Introduction to Multi > Get A Quote >

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Webster Combustion can provide you with efficient, cost-effective solutions for all of your boiler burner needs. Webster's proven designs offer multiple fuel flexibility, high energy efficiency, low emissions, and high turndown burners for new applications or retro-fit of existing installations. > Get A Quote >

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Multi fuel appliances have either a central grate with an ashpan or a raised grate with bars and ash that is collected in an ash pan below the grate. What fuels can a multi fuel stove burn? The four main types of fuel that a multi fuel stove can use include: Wood Wood can be burned in multi fuel stoves. > Get A Quote >

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There are many multi-fuel furnace options online, as well as plenty of help in choosing the right one for you. Many companies that sell multi-fuel furnaces also have a customer service line, which allows them to discuss the aspects of coal and wood heating in more detail with potential customers. > Get A Quote >

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Wood Burning Stoves. Through their family business, Wood Burning Stoves Limited, Tom and Susan Bagan have personally overseen the design, manufacture and distribution of their Country Kiln wood burning and multi-fuel stoves for over a decade. > Get A Quote >

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2019-10-27 · Glenwood 7070 Commercial Multi Fuel Boiler. Because the Glenwood 7070 meets commercial specifications, this unit is EPA EXEMPT. This unit is to be sold for commercial purposes only. The Glenwood 7070 Multi Fuel Boiler is unique in several ways. Few boilers offer the flexibility to burn so many types of Biomass Fuels, waste oils, or fuel oil. > Get A Quote >

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Whether to choose a multi fuel or wood burning stove is of course up to each family to decide. But considering that the choice of trendy wood burning stoves is a lot better and that the prices of mineral fuels are projected to continue to rise, wood burning stoves seem a better idea. > Get A Quote >

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Multi/Waste Oil Boilers From 27kW to 1,200kW Output. Waste oil boilers deliver an efficient way to recycle waste oils as a free fuel source to generate heat and hot water, which can be used to heat garages, workshops, warehouses, greenhouses to name but a few, within the broad range of applications it can be used for. > Get A Quote >

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Cornwall stove experts Allen Valley stock and install wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, gas fires and oil fires. Cornwall log burners and wood burners. opening times Monday to Friday 09:30 – 16:30. Call Cornwall Stoves on Our range of boiler stoves have been specifically designed to provide heat for your home in more ways than one. > Get A Quote >